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Unknown & Untold celebrates and raises awareness of the 400,000 Indian Muslims who gallantly fought during The Great War as part of the British Army. Promoting this little-known story serves not only to honour their bravery and ensure their remembrance, but also to reveal the rich legacy of Muslim contribution towards the culture and identity Britain enjoys today.
Our project directly engages communities in Birmingham, Leicester and Woking, as well as the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Activities will take place between September 2015 and July 2016.

Citizen historians in Leicester will collectively research the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh effort in WW1

A seminar and event at RMA Sandhurst will celebrate the legacy of Muslim contribution to the armed forces

Young Muslim and Non-Muslim youth from Birmingham will interview the descendants of Indian Muslims who served in WW1

Local communities in Woking will discover the legacy of WW1 Indian Muslim soldiers buried in their city

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Blog & Images from Belfast Workshops

Video of Birmingham Youth Project

Muslim Contribution Seminar at Sandhurst

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View Video and Discover More
The project is a collaboration between think-tank British Future and the organisation New Horizons for British Islam. British Future is an independent, non-partisan thinktank seeking to involve people in an open conversation, which addresses people’s hopes and fears about identity and integration, migration and opportunity, so that we feel confident about Britain’s Future. New Horizons is a forward-looking organisation that will work for reform in Muslim thought and practise. It is inspired by Islamic values and speaks from within the Islamic tradition for the benefit of all.
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